Irongate School

Orchestrate: Update January  2020

Our focus is particularly on the lower decile schools of Hawkes Bay where such opportunities as this for talented students are not as readily available.

Two to three times each year Orchestrate organizes a group of young professional musicians to visit Flaxmere’s Primary Schools and work with their students., culminating in a performance to their peers and families.

The object is to inspire the sudents to develop a work ethic, discipline and skill that will stay with them into their future careers.

This  is usually  a ‘first-time’ experience for many of the students, and their sense of pride and the high standard of their achievement is alway greatly appreciated by the audience.

PLANS for 2020 include workshops and music lessons with a number of professional musicians including Jose Aparicio, Gregory Squire and Anton Wuts  – plus a great deal of fund raising in preparation for a trip to the USA June 2021 …A very exciting venture for all involved!!


Another extremely successful day at irongate School!

As part of the workshop, the students played a number of games and musical exercises with the Quartet where they were presented with a wide spectrum of music (eg Mozart, Beethoven, Ravel, Shostakovich, and NZ contemporary composers). The students were asked to express how it made them feel- excited, sad, loving, scared.  They were also asked to conduct and compose- utilizing their listening abilities to exclude and include parts as they quartet played.

The students totally wowed the QUARTET with their participation, comprehension and intuitive abilities. We are not sure who enjoyed themselves the most…the Quartet or the students! 🙂

The day finished with a performance to the whole school. Again the students were exposed to a wide range of musical styles- classical and contemporary. The students behaviour and concentration were exemplary.

EDWIN HUIZINGA; WILLIAM COULTER March 2017 and August 2019

In 2017 we exposed the students to something a little different but very exciting!… a Folk Baroque Violin & Guitar duo called Fire & Grace – Virtuoso Violin meets Celtic Guitar.

Edwin Huizinga, the fiddle player and William Coulter, guitarist, were touring NZ in March 2017 and spent 2 days in Hawkes Bay working and performing with our students.

Edwin is an exciting violinist based in Toronto and an active player in the early music scene as well as in the traditional music world, and has earned degrees from Oberlin and the San Francisco Conservatory of Music.

William is a Grammy Award winning guitarist with a Master’s degree in Classical guitar from the San Francisco Conservatory of music.  Their programme was about blending Baroque dance music and traditional Irish dance music and also exploring their own arrangements of Vivaldi, traditional Bulgarian music, Celtic music, and the music of Piazzolla.

The students were mesmorized by the glorious sounds!

The Irongate students then treated the visitors with 2 powerful and emotional hakas (one being their school haka, and the 2nd being from their Iwi). Our guests were overwhelmed with emotion. It was truly a very special time for all involved.

They were so impressed they organized another tour to the South Pacific in  August 2019  to specifically visit Irongate School again.

This time we enjoyed their company in the school for 2 days, culminating in a succesful recording project and performances to  their peers and whanau.

The workshop involved as many from the school as possible.  Alongside the performing students, a group was also involved in preparing a video /audio recording of the 2 days – a collage of the workshop, their music, haka and school culture.

Edwin and William were so impressed again with the abilities and commitment of the students, that the school has been invited to send a group to perform at the Big Sur Music Camp, in California June 2021. This is a very exciting opportunity for the students!


The tutors -Steve Bremner (timpanist NZSO, percussionist STRIKE, Drummer for THE ADULTS / Drum technician for SHIHAD) Barrett Hocking (trumpet- NZSO, Orchestra Wellington, reggae band BLACK SEEDS) and Ed Zuccollo (keyboardist, sound engineer) are all classically and jazz trained session musicians who regularly travel both nationally and internationally to perform.

The students were particularly entrigued with Ed’s skill on his original 70s Minimoog synthesizer as he took them on a dynamic journey from energetic synth beats to lush ambient soundscapes, to thick funky grooves, and the boogie woogie!

STRIKE: August 2017

30 Irongate students (primary to intermediate age) worked with members of STRIKE, With a relatively short time to prepare a series of intricate pieces to perform to the public, the students didn’t falter.

With a room full of drums and other equipment to “hit”, one would have not been surprised to hear a cacophony of noise- BUT immediately the more senior of the students showed their leadership skills and set the standard in behaviour, encouraging and controlling the younger ones.

Their concentration and commitment was remarkable, and the students hardly paused for tea breaks!

Again, for many of the young performers this was a ‘first time’ experience to perform in front of their peers and the public- and they did it with great confidence.

The students at Irongate School, Flaxmere never cease to amaze us with their enthusiasm and talent.They are a testimony of the dedication of their teachers and whanau support workers.